From I/C Principal's Desk

Dr. K Narayan Choudhary

A warm and hearty welcome to all the viewers to view our Institute i.e. “Dilkap Research Institute of Engineering and Management Studies” website. It is the first step towards your desire to know about us and it is first interaction from the Institute with you on a virtual interface. Desire is the basic stepping stone to explore some opportunity, without which we cannot move further. It gives foundation to be motivated to act upon.

The whole world is revolving around the Technology; hence it becomes mandatory to know the updated development in the field of Engineering and Technology also, without which we cannot dream to lead a comfortable life in today’s modern era. We are fully dependent upon technology and we at Dilkap Research Institute of Engineering & Management Studies, develop people to be become technocrat to help the society. Our objective is to provide the quality education in Engineering at affordable price.

As a Principal, I feel a real sense of privilege in having the opportunity to lead this Institute. It is an Institute where we subscribe to High Performance Learning, a pedagogy that requires teachers to instill in our students analyzing skills and a growth mind-set in an enquiry-based learning environment.

Today knowledge is treated as power and we impart knowledge in students to get power to overcome difficulties of individuals. The Institute was established in 2010 and at present we had several courses in UG. The Institute welcomes all learners and contributors to share their skills and knowledge to uplift our society.

I would like to invite you to explore this site and you may personally visit our Campus as and when you have time to do so. We are more than happy to help during your visit and make you feel part of this Institute.